Vegan Restaurant Rave: Millenium

I ate at the world-renowned restaurant Millenium in March when my Mom and cousins, who are vegan, were in town. As an amateur to vegan restaurants, I was initially apprehensive of getting a meal that was of small portions and little flavor, but the moment I tasted the Green Lentil Bean Spread I knew everything else would be delicious. I was so obsessed with this spread that I begged the waiter for the recipe. To make the spread, all you need to do is puree these simple ingredients:

What I ordered…

My "Black Bean Torte" Appetizer with whole wheat tortilla, caramelized plantains, smoky black bean puree, pumpkin-habanero papazul, cashew "sour cream", cara cara salad

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  1. Why did you stop writing?

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